Photo by Esmee Holdijk

As a continuation of our last meeting, we want to see how you process your images.  Have a go-to technique or tool?  Have a particular post-processing area of expertise you’d like to share?  We’d love to see it.

The idea is for everyone to download a few images to work with from here:  via Richard Siggins.  (There is a variety to choose from.)  Then, show us how you typically process your images.  Once you are ready, upload submissions here:  November Submissions.  We’ll display them at our next meeting and allow everyone to give a brief walkthrough of what they did.  This should be a great opportunity for us all to learn some new things from each other.

Looking ahead to December, pick a few of your best images from 2017 and submit them here:  December Submissions.  This will be a great opportunity to practice some post-processing techniques that we go over this month.  We’ll display the submissions on the website through December, and in a slideshow at our annual holiday party on December 21st at the Toy F. Reid Employee Center, Room 219.

Meeting details for November will be posted soon.