This months Camera Club meeting is on August 17, 2017 at 6:30 p.m. at the Employee Recreation Center. This month Ron Zucker will be presenting “Weather or Not to Take Photos”.  He has some awesome tips for every kind of weather. Hope to see you there!


Weather or Not to Take Photos

Presented by Ron Zucker

Weather can have a tremendous affect on your photography,  While we all look forward to those bright sunny days, there are days when the weather can add drama, excitement, and even calming affects to you photos. This presentation will introduce us to some shots where weather has enhanced the photo experience.

Ron likes all things photographic. He started with a Canon AE1-P in the early 80s,  switched to videoography, and is now doing both videoography (Canon XHA1S) and digital photography (Nikon D7200). He loves to travel and his favorite subject is natural beauty. This will be his fourth presentation to the Eastman Camera Club.

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