You’ll want to join us on Thursday, June 15, for a special presentation by Rick Harris.

Rick is a 57 year’ old art student and native of East Tennessee. He views art as a way to share his interpretation of life and the world around him with others. Though he experiments with many mediums, photography remains his medium of choice. Working with both film and digital exposure, he attempts to evoke both emotion and -inspire thoughtful consideration from viewers with the subjects he captures. Over thirty years’ experience as an award-winning photojournalist has influenced his work in the sense that he does not concentrate on one subject but photographs many diverse subjects. From the beauty of the human body to man’s treatment of our environment. No subject is too tame or too bizarre. His influences range from Michael A. Smith, Edward Weston and Robert Adams to Ogle Winston Link and Robert Mapplethorpe. Rick’s ongoing projects include American Railroading, local landscapes, and scenes of social significance. A common theme throughout his work is the repetition of rectilinear and curvilinear shape. His goal is to use his art to bring attention to man’s mistreatment of our world in an attempt to bring awareness to our plight.

Rick’s program will include a slide show of some of his work.  It will include tips and procedures that he has used for success in the past and a breakdown on equipment and taking your photography to a higher level. Rick will discuss the impact of social media website on photography as well as a question and answer session on photography, working with the press and running a photography business.

The meeting is at 6:30 PM, June 15 in Room 221 of the Eastman Employee Center (map)